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Client Jeep Renegade
Date 2015
Tools Photoshop CC, AfterEffects CC, Illustrator CC

This Landing Experience was created for both X1 and X360 platforms. We partnered with Outside Magazine for a total of nineteen episodes that showcased three extreme athletes; Rex Pemberton (Wing Suit Flyer), Steve Fisher (Kayaker), and Kai Lenny (Waterman). Each athlete included multiple interactive videos, some envolving the user to navigate the Jeep Renegade along with Rex Pemberton's wing skydiving, or side by side views of Steve Fisher and Pat Miller riding the rapids of the Merced River and trivia for the user along the Diverse Crossing Kai Lenny overtook. Other features highlight a 360 degree viewing of the Jeep Renegade in multiple colors, plus an image gallery and theme downloads for the Xbox 360 users. This was an intense project that often had short deadlines and lots of flexibility as we worked with not only the main client, but also our partnership with Outside magazine.